World trends in growing lavender

World Trends

Lavender is one of the world’s most common essential oil crops. Bulgaria holds first place on the world market for cultivation and production of lavender oil, replacing the former leader France. Lavender is also grown in other countries such as Italy, Spain, Morocco, Serbia, Slovenia, Hungary, Romania, Turkey, regions of Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, South Africa, China, the USA, etc.


Lavender is the most widely used in cosmetic, pharmaceutical and perfume industries. In processed or raw form, lavender is also used in the production of food and non-alcoholic beverages. In some countries, it is also available on farms offering entertainment in the form of tourist services, aromatherapy and tours.


Lavender is a semishrub plant. Its highest yields are from the fourth to the eighth year of the plant. It can be grown in different soil and weather conditions. Since it is a heat-loving plant, it is desirable for the field to be a south, southeast or north-south facing one.


Soil cultivation is carried out with the help of a Chisel cultivator up to 15 cm depth, with a protection area depending on the age of plants. Mashinostroene-DS offers a cultivator of lavender KKL Deyan.


Harvesting is carried out manually or mechanically, through a harvesting machine, which has become more and more popular, since it saves time, resources and labor. The harvesting machine is used to cut off the flowers that are collected in trailers and transported for distillation, i.e. for lavender oil extraction.