We are proud to present you our new machine – a foldable variant of the MPL MAGDALENA model.

The machine retains all the features of the old model, while at the same time stands out with new additions and improvements.

What’s new?

MPL  MAGDALENA COMPACT comes with a new, convenient property – the frame is foldable. On the one hand, this makes the transportation easier. On the other, it helps avoiding unwanted damage caused by hits when driving on narrow roads or having to pass through narrow tunnels.

The weight of the machine remains 720 kg but this doesn’t make the folding hard. Quite the opposite – it can be done easily by a single person. Due to the careful design of the mechanism, folding is easy and secure, and the hinges are reinforced and large enough to serve their purpose properly.

The machine comes with two special, easy-to-use locking mechanisms. The first one locks the frame into “open” working position. The other, keeps the frame locked when the machine is folded.

This model has three-point suspension just as the MPL MAGDALENA model. If the customer desires, we can add a hydraulic cylinder for the upper hitch point. The cylinder is specially developed by MASHINOSTROENE-DS EOOD and it is suitable for all tractor models.

The hydraulic cylinder makes the mounting of the harvester faster and easier. This saves a lot of time and the machine is set up and ready to go in just a few minutes.

Why “compact”?

We called the machine this way because it is more convenient for transportation and safer on the road. When folded, it occupies significantly less space and the conveyor belt stays above the tractor cabin without touching it.

What else?

As we have already mentioned, MPL MAGDALENA COMPACT keeps all the features of the standard model, namely:

  • speed of work;
  • maximum collection of lavender flowers;
  • reliability;
  • endurance;
  • easy maintenance;
  • quality.
  • Of course, like in all our models, some elements in its design are new and the frame is further reinforced in key spots.